Introducing: The Xcerts

British trio find hope in Anthemic Rock.

The Xcerts might deal in melancholic tales of despair but they’re keen to stress they are not miserablists. From Aberdeen by way of Exeter, guitarist/vocalist Murray MacLeod, bassist Jordan Smith and drummer Tom Heron deal in big melodies and loud noises.

the-xcerts-3Whilst the band admits the song-writing period for new album ‘In The Cold Wind We Smile’ was a difficult time, Murray proclaims that, ‘Crisis is centred around hope.’

‘Some bad things happened to us while writing the album. Jordan lost his father, and I suffered terrible heartache. We realised we could write a depressing album, or one filled with hope. It’s about a tragic state of affairs, with a light at the end of the tunnel.’

The Xcerts focussed their efforts on trying to put a brave face on things.  ‘No-one wants to be the cold wind but you can be there smiling.’  Their tonic for heartbreak and tragedy?  Volume.

‘We are loud. Louder than expected. Painfully loud. We feel maybe like we are missing a second guitarist, like small-man syndrome, so we turn up extra loud. Horrid and beautiful noise inspires us.’

Considering their status as self-proclaimed noiseniks, it’s somewhat at odds that the band is obsessed with writing melodic pop songs.  ‘Classic pop song writing, that’s how we see it. We are not a fad band.’

The Xcerts however, are keen to stress that they aren’t a mainstream act, ‘musically, it was that idea of not rejecting rock music. We love toned-down American Indie music but we wanted to be loud and rock at the same time.’  An aspiration realised in the volume and sweat of the live arena.

Loud songs with a pop sensibility, it appears that the band have the best of both worlds.

FOR FANS OF:  Biffy Clyro, Jimmy Eat World
HEAR:  Debut album ‘In The Cold Wind We Smile’ out March 30th through Xtra Mile.
MORE INFO?  Check out The band is currently in the middle of a full UK tour.

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