Three Chords, as an idea, was floating around inside our heads, from pretty much as soon as we started listening to punk rock. We would discuss albums for hours, and we used to annoy everyone by being able to talk punk rock basically forever. It got to the stage where both of us were reading Kerrang cover to cover every week, taking in every tiny piece, then going online and reading as much as we could every day. It got to the stage where we wanted another magazine, one so good, that we would never get bored of it.

I think the actual day it happened, we had just watched “High Fidelity” (absolutely cracking film if you haven’t seen it), the story of this guy who runs a music store, and we’d spent a few days talking about how good it would be running our own record store. Then, somehow we moved onto running a record label, and soon a potential music empire was formed.We decided that clearly, the best way to begin such an enterprise would be to raise the public’s knowledge of it.

We decided to be called THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH. We spent most of our sixth form writing a magazine that was read by as many as 50 people (but probably as few as just me and Lloyd). Some months the magazine reached nearly 10,000 words, and yet I still didn’t have any time for doing maths homework.

Then we went to uni. If we were a band, our myspace should have read “on hiatus”. Perhaps it still should. You are now looking at the third official TC website, and maybe this one will last a while?

Our aim is to provide you with quality music journalism, often focused on that area of music known as punk, but often deigning to ignore “genre”. We write about what is good, and what is bad, but mostly because we think that music criticism is nearly as important as music itself. To leave you with a quote from someone we regard as a friend:

Nothing ever quite dies, it just comes back in a different form.
Lester Bangs

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