Mimi Soya – ‘I Can’t Stand Pop Bands’

By Phil Micallef Before getting round to even listening to this EP from Brighton quartet Mimi Soya, there are several pre-conceptions that I can’t help but notice upon looking at the CD artwork.  The bright, mainly pink-orientated, cartoon-like colour scheme, along with a photo of a female vocalist with dyed red hair to boot (never   →

A Wilhelm Scream, Polar Bear Club, A New Day – Camden Underworld, London (05/09/2009)

By Phil Micallef. Having missed the Reading festival a week earlier for the first time in five years, I took some scant consolation in the fact that two of the bands that I would have wanted to see the most there were both barnstorming the stage tonight in Camden Town. Before tonight’s all-American co-headlining duel   →

Suicide Bid, The Filaments, The Grit, Mouthwash – Garage, London (15/08/2009)

UK dub/ska/punk ‘super-group’ collective return along with the re-union of one of Essex’s finest exports. By Phil Micallef. Due to a concoction of rushing into London straight from work and somebody’s ingenious idea to shut down the Victoria line (for arguments sake, let’s just blame Boris Johnson – it’s easier that way), I unfortunately only   →